Our farm has a rich, five-generation history. In 1874, Robert Calvin Dale began purchasing land for his family. Throughout the generations, we have farmed with our cattle's best interest in mind. This land has never been without cattle grazing on it's meadows. God has blessed this land with His landscape of pine trees and oaks, natural spring & 2 ponds.

Why Grass-Fed Beef

The nutritional difference

Just about all cattle is raised grass-fed .  The larger cattle companies move their cattle to feed lots before they are processed.  That's where the animal's diet is changed to inexpensive, high-calorie grains.  This change results in an increase in intramuscular fat to provide a "marbling" effect and "enhance" meat flavor.

Cattle that are grass-fed until they are processed don't suffer this.  There are also clinical studies that show this type of beef as having higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for cardiovascular health.  It also offers more vitamins A and E as well as anti-oxidants.   

The Sunshine Shoppe is so proud to carry only the finest grass-fed finished beef.  Below are some of our vendors. 

One of America's favorite steaks!  Enjoy great tasting 14 oz New York Strip Steaks with the health attributes of grass-fed beef.  All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. 

These US Wellness NY Strip Steaks will cook much faster than conventional steaks and require a quick searing and lower cooking temperature on your grill, broiler or skillet for mouth watering results. 

We have proudly teamed up with a group of elite grass farmers on the Island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia, where we are currently sourcing this cut. The climate is a utopia for cattle with a year round maritime climate buffered by the Southern Ocean. No hormones or GMO's are allowed on the island and air quality is recognized as the gold standard for purity on the globe. Tasmania is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia and covered with some of the finest grass in the world.

Windy Meadows Family Farm

The Mike and Connie Hale Family and their children have raised pastured chicken and grass fed beef and lamb on their 40 acres of Windy Meadows Family Farm  in North East Texas for nearly twenty years.  Their concerns for food safety for their own children led them to the decision for raise natural meats without added hormones, antibiotics or feed stimulants. They now have a state-inspected poultry processing facility on their farm that produces pastured chicken and sausage for taste-discriminating palates in the Dallas area. Their customers fall into two categories: those who want pastured meats because they are raise in a more responsible manner, and those who simply want the best-tasting chicken.  Some of the chicken raised by Windy Meadows Family Farm grace the tables of some of the finest four-star restaurants in Dallas that are seeking  locally grown and responsibly raised natural meats.